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ES File Explorer File Manager is a record overseeing device for Android gadgets. ES File Explorer is outstanding along with other document supervisors which it is possible to get for nothing for the Android gadget. ES File Explorer is your most downloaded and most mainstream record chief for Android devices on Google Play Store. It is thoroughly free of cost and you can appreciate most of the stunning highlights of ES File Explorer without purchasing it.

Observe: keeping in mind that the objective to utilize this application you will require rooting your own Android gadget utilize -- KingRoot, SuperSU or Root Explorer.


ES File Explorer APK gives you an opportunity to cope with your information, in inside capacity and also in addition that the SD card or even blaze stockpiling associated with your gadget. You can do bury capacity operations effectively utilizing the ES File Explorer, as an instance, moving or duplicating records starting with one stockpiling then onto another.

• Foundation preparing is conceivable in ES File Explorer which gives you a chance to utilize your telephone while some operation that you made is at present running out of sight.
• Open and utilize different windows in ES File Explorer.
• Produce a private system utilizing ES File Explorer expert and offer records crosswise on gadgets without attaching links or swap memory cards.
• It is possible to view shrouded documents on the off likelihood that you simply turn on the element and investigate concealed records in ES File Explorer.
• On the off chance that you've got an established gadget it is possible to investigate the protected android records and rollout improvements utilizing the main pioneer include.
• You are able to likewise fasten your record director utilizing the keen secure ES File Explorer.
• ES File Explorer underpins signal capacity, you can appoint a capacity to some motion you need and perform on almost any tilt inside the ES File Explorer application.

Download ES File Explorer APK

ES File Explorer is additionally accessible on Google Play Store for several Android gadgets to get nothing, you may Download ES File Explorer Pro APK to get an Android gadget that you want.


Everything considered ES File Explorer is beyond question a champion along with other record researching application made till date. Guarantee you present the ES File Explorer Apk right now and start researching your phone to some degree all the more satisfactorily.

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