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Click Test : Test Your Mouse Click Speed Online

The present day situation is such that it is almost impossible to live without gadgets and most importantly computers. This age of computers have seen a whole lot of changes from the computers that were the size of a room to the computers that are the size of a human palm. But it is not to be dis-agreed that computers being electronic devices breaks down quite often. The same thing happens with the peripheral devices as well.

Two of the most known peripheral devices that are associated with the computers are keyboard and mouse. Both of these tend to wear out over time while the initial stages indicate deterioration of their functionality.

For example, when a new mouse was bought, if performs smoothly with cursors placing on point to perfect and smooth movement of the mouse and to mouse clicks happening faster.

When the same mouse gets worn out or has just started to deteriorate, it would not move faster or smoothly as it used to be or will have problem in clicking.

This brings us to the Click Speed Test, which is a method that tests the number of clicks per second. This is indeed a revolutionary process and has been introduced to the mass just a few years back.

There are several websites that offer you Click Speed Test or Mouse Click Test. And we will get to know the best one out there shortly.

But before we move on to the best website, here is one major thing that these tests provide. Although these Click Speed Test methods are there to test your mouse click speed at the current moment, yet they also provide an insight of how fast or slow your clicking speed is and how you can make up to that.

This is also required if you are a game fanatic and you want to test your speed of Mouse Click Test.

How Does It Look Like?

So, as already stated, there are a whole lot of websites that offer you with such an opportunity, we will know about the best website for this. The website we have been talking about for so long thus creating suspense is cpstest.net.

The website has got a very minimal outlook and its user interface is pretty sleek. Let us get you through every inch of the website. As soon as you open the website, you will find it to be pretty monochromatic and basic with a little bit of blue pop of colour that just adds a little more to the existing.

The top blue ribbon consists of the logo on the extreme left and then it is followed by a couple of other tests and clicking games. Below this ribbon, there is another light greyish ribbon that contains options such as Clicks Per Second, Clicks in 5 Seconds, Clicks in 10 Seconds, Clicks in 60 Seconds and Clicks in 100 Seconds.

These are the options that you can go for while testing your limits on clicks. As you scroll down, you will be able to find a black box stating “Click Here”. On top of the box, there you will find your score that initially displays zero.

As you scroll down a little more, the Click Speed Test website shows you the statistics of the world record of the Mouse Click Test in a particular second, say 5 seconds or 10 seconds as per the option you chose for in the beginning. Following this, there are instructions on what to do and how to achieve your perfect clicking speed.

How to Play Click Speed Test?

Calculating your Mouse Click Test with the help of Click Speed Test is quite easy. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to achieve perfect clicks or if you are new to this, you will know your capability in the same.

  1. Visit https://cpstest.net
  2. Scroll down and locate the grey box that states ‘Click Here’.
  3. Bring your mouse pointer to the center of the box and immediately start clicking faster, as many times as you can in the given time frame.
  4. A timer will be displayed below that will indicate the remaining time of the Mouse Click Test.
  5. As soon as the timer runs out of the time, the final score gets displayed at the top of the box that initially has been indicating a zero when the clicks did not even start.
The score is shown in clicks per second or CPS, which is just the magnitude of the clicks to a time unit and merely means that the higher the rate of clicks per second, the better will be the score.

By default, the game is set to 5 seconds time frame but you can choose to change the time frame as per your choice from the option provided at the top on grey ribbon.

One of the most striking features of the particular website is that you will be able to share your score on your favorite social media website. Even with this you will be able to challenge your friends and invite them to beat your score online.

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